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We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom diode drivers, controllers and optical modules.

In addition to fiberoptics and lasers, Optical Fiber Systems Inc provides various laser and fiberoptics accessories and components, including laser diode (LD) drivers (or current driver), temperature controllers (or Thermo-Electric Cooler driver), collimators / focusing assemblies, laser resonators.

Laser diode drivers are based on precision current-control circuits to precisely regulate the current flowing through the laser diode. They can be designed to operate either in constant-current (CC) mode or constant-power (CP) mode. Applications requiring long term (more than a few hours) power stability typically use CP mode drivers, whereas CC mode drivers are typically preferred for high power diodes.

We design and manufacture our own drivers and controllers. We can easily adapt one of our existing designs to suit your specific requirements.

We currently offer the following:

* Laser diode LD driver, from 5mA to 50A (either as PCBoards or complete instruments)
* USB Interface / Data Acquisition module
* TEC driver or Temperature controller, 20A MAX
* Complete laser diode LD controllers (with optional PC interface)
* Cooling modules (TEC/Heatsink assemblies)
* Fiber collimators
* Fiber-coupling assemblies
* Shutter assemblies
* Optical and opto-mechanical assemblies

We have expertise in designing specific optical lenses and assemblies, using optical design software such as OSLO. We seamlessly integrate the optical design with mechanical design and engineering to provide a complete product. We also have expertise in electrical and electronic design and engineering enabling us to design and fabricate customized circuits.

We can offer accessories as OEM components (such as PC Boards or modules) or complete instruments or assemblies. Simply contact us and we will provide a solution for your specific requirements.

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