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We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom fiberoptic assemblies.

Fiberoptics, or optical fibers, are basically small wires that conduct light. The greatest characteristics of fiberoptics is that they allow to transmit light through convoluted pathways as they can easily be bent. For more information on fiberoptics (how they work and the history of fiberoptics), we suggest you visit other sites such as the Wikipedia or the site.

Optical Fiber Systems Inc specializes in the fabrication of fiberoptics assemblies for laser beam delivery and optical sensing applications. The assembly may include cutting to length, assembling several strands of different types of fiberoptics together, inserting the fibers inside protective tubing, mounting connectors, polishing end faces, fusion-splicing, etc. We have a complete line of equipment including polishing machines, fusion splicers, and inspection microscopes.

Our range of products include:

  • Fiber cables (see a selection in our on-line catalog)
  • Fiber Bundles
  • Fiber Arrays

A selection of standard fiber cables is availalbe for on-line purchase from our on-line catalog. For other fiber assemblies, or if you need a custom assembly, please contact us.

Fiber types

  • Single Mode (SM)
    • Standard or Polarization Maintaining (PM)
    • Wavelength from 400nm to 1500nm
  • Multi-Mode (MM)
    • Core diameter from 50-um to 1000-um
    • Low-OH (NIR) or High-OH (UV)
    • low-NA (0.12) to high-NA (0.48).

Connector types

  • SMA905. This is a widely used connector, but has limited positioning precision (about +/-20 micron for the positioning of the fiber core relative to the mount) and limited thermal dissipation capability. The connector ferrule is specified at 0.124"-0.1245". This connector also usually requires the use of epoxy to hold the tip of the fiber, which can be undesirable for high power application.

  • FC. This is a standard connector used for telecommunication application and is normally used for single-mode fiber. The connector ferrule is 2.5mm. When used for large multi-mode fiber, it provides a better positioning precision than SMA (about +/-10 micron).

  • D80C. This connector is specifically for high laser power application (up to about 300W) and is compatible with the Mitsubishi D80 and Losch LD-80 connectors. It has a ferrule specified at 3.985-3.995mm. It is an entirely epoxy-free connector. It provides a much sturdier and more rugged connection than the SMA-type connectors along with much improved heat dissipation. It is widely used in industrial systems.

Fiber protection

  • Standard 2-mm or 3-mm PVC furcation tubing.
  • 6-mm flexible Stainless-Steel cable armor.
  • PVC-covered cable armor or monocoil.

Examples of fiberoptic assemblies:

Fiber array, 4 x MM50/125, 250 µm spacing, 1 m branch-out w/ FC/PC.
Fiber array, 8 x SF28 (8-fiber ribbon),250 µm spacing, MTP-8.
Fiber array, 19 x MM 200  µm / 0.12NA, 500 µm spacing.
Collimated fiber array, 8 x SM/PM1060, 250 µm spacing, 450 µm fl microlens array
Collimated fiber array, 19 hex (2D) x MM100 µm / 0.12NA, 3 mm spacing, 60 mm fl lenses.
Collimated fiber array, 5x5 (2D) x SM1060, 3 mm spacing, 7 mm fl lenses.
Fiber bundle/hexagonal array, 1 SM850 surrounded by 7 MM fibers 200-µm core.
Fiber bundle, 2 x 2-mm plastic fibers with 2 x 250-µm plastic fibers.
Fiber bundle, 5-mm diameter quadri-furcated, 100-µm 0.36 NA low-OH fiber.
Fiber bundle, 2 x 200-µm / 0.37NA fibers, custom ferrules.
Fiber bundle, 19 x 600-µm / 0.37NA fibers, 6x1 + 1x13 split, custom ferrules.
High-power patchcord, 600-µm 0.22NA fiber, D80-compatible, SS cable armor.
Disposable fiber, 600-µm / 0.37NA, SMA one end, cleaved other end
Laser delivery cable, 600-µm / 0.37NA, 5-m long, SMA both ends

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