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Mini Laser Diode Driver PCB, 100mA..

Our LDB-100 is a small and simple laser diode (LD) driver board that that operates in a constant-power mode and can provide up to 100mA of current. It includes a board-mounted push-button and a LED to indicate when the laser is activated. A momentary push of the button turns the laser ON, which stays ON until the button is pushed again.

It has a 3 solder holes for the LD, and 2 solder holes for the 5V power supply. The circuit is designed to operate with laser diodes having an integrated monitoring photo-diode (MPD), and with the LD anode (LDA) connected to the MPD cathode (MPD-C). An on-board trim-pot allows to adjust the desired output power.

Mini Laser Driver Assy DWG

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Laser Controller Board


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