Optical Fiber Systems Inc currently manufactures as an OEM contractors several types of laser systems for various customers. These include a rack-mount diode laser system delivering up to 25W at 808nm out of a detachable 600-micron 0.37NA fiber, a table-top diode laser system delivering 5W at 1060nm, and a small compact system delivering 8W at 976nm.

Our laser systems integrate our laser sources in a complete turn-key package. The system includes all circuitry necessary to control the operation of the laser diode and provide the necessary safety functions. We have several "platforms" available depending on the desired output power and beam delivery. One platform includes a programmable microprocessor (PIC) to control the operation of the system and communicate with a separate controlling computer via a serial RS232 link.

We continue to expand our line of fiber lasers. We now offer up to 100W cw at a wavelength around 1-micron. These lasers generate a diffraction-limited laser beam directly out of a single-mode fiber. They can be provided either as a stand-alone system or as a "component" to be integrated in a larger system.

Our latest addition is a tunable fiber laser generating 0.5W at a wavelength between 1045nm and 1095nm with a 0.1nm linewidth. Please contact us for more specific details.

We also provide customized multi-wavelength and multi-channel systems, as well as testing systems such as multi-channel burn-in stations. If you have some specific requirements, please contact us.

Please click on the links below to see our PDF data sheets on some of our current systems.
RML YFL System OFSI-RML-1070T-500 - 0.5W tunable fiber laser system
OFSI-RML-1070-005 - 5W at 1070nm fiber laser system
KLS Diode Laser System KLS-808-010 - 10W at 808nm laser diode system
DLS Diode Laser System DLS-976-008 - 8W at 976nm laser diode system
MLS Multi Laser System MLS-6x10 - Multi-wavelength laser diode system
Rack Systems Custom rack-mount laser systems
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