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DataSpider USB Controller.


The DataSpider is a USB Data Acquisition module that allows interfacing electrical instruments or devices with a computer. This module can be used to control all of our laser drivers from a PC via a USB connection. It can take up to 4 analog electrical signals (from 0V to 5V) and up to 4 digital electrical signals (0V or 5V), converts them into digital data, and sends that data to a computer. It can also receive commands from a computer to generate up to 2 analog electrical signals (from 0V to 4V) and up to 4 digital electrical signals (0V or 5V). All signals can be updated at a rate of up to 2000 Hz.

The DataSpider comes with a CD ROM containing all documentation along with an open-source application program written in Python that can run on almost any computer. The DataSpider controller is also available in an enclosed module with either screw-terminal of BNC connectors from the PCDataSpider web site.

The device is being released as open source, and all documentation and software is availalbe on github.

[Download Data Sheet ]

[Download Application Manual ]


PropMeter Application

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