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Signal Amplifier, 10dB to 40 dB.

The Signal Amplifier is a simple but precise electronic amplifier that allows amplifying an electronic signal by a total gain of up to 40dB (Amplification coefficient of 10,000). It has 2 BNC connectors on one end for the input and output signals, and on the other end it has a ON/OFF switch, a LED indicator, and a small slide-switch to select the desired gain level. An internal 9V radio battery provides the internal power for the electronic circuit..


1). Connect the signal to be amplified to the “input” connector, and the “output” connector to the desired instrument or other device to display or monitor the amplified signal.
2). Flip the toggle switch to the ON position (lever towards the green LED). The green LED indicator should light up. If not, you may need to replace the internal battery.

The amplification level can be changed at any time by sliding the small button to the desired position. We suggest to start at the 10dB level and then increase if desired.


Signal Amplifier Drawing

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Laser Controller Board


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