Optical Fiber Systems Inc

Your source for fiberoptics and laser accessories.
- Optics: focusing, collimating, coupling, beam expansion, etc...
- Electronics: drivers, controllers, detection, data acquisition, etc...
- Mechanics: opto-mechanical modules, systems, etc...

Laser diode drivers and controllers

SP-compatible fiber coupled diode module
  • From mA to over 50 Amp, 1.5V to 24V, cw to microsecond
  • Constant current or constant power, high efficiency
  • Table-top, OEM, bare PC-Board
  • Affordable with high performance
Laser diode drivers are based on precision current-control circuits to precisely regulate the current flowing through the laser diode. They can be designed to operate either in constant-current (CC) mode or constant-power (CP) mode. We design and manufacture our own drivers and controllers. We can easily adapt one of our existing designs to suit your specific requirements.
We can provide either turn-key instruments, OEM modules or just PC-Board assemblies.
LDI-090 Table-top Diode Driver 90mA.
LCB-H05 Laser Diode Controller Board (3A current driver + temperature control).

Cooling modules and Temperature controllers

cooling module
  • Heatsinks
  • Cooling modules
  • Temperatrue controller
  • Table-top, OEM, customized

Collimators and optical assemblies

colimators and optical lens assemblies
  • UVA to NIR
  • Fiber-coupling, free-space
  • Collimation, focusing, imaging, Fourier transforms
  • Low power or high power
  • Choice of input fiber connectors

Data acquisition

data acquisition
  • DataSpider USB data acquisition
  • Amplifier
  • Photo-detectors
  • Other electronics