Optical Fiber Systems Inc

Our Company: your source for laser diodes and fiberoptics.

Optical Fiber Systems Inc (OFSI) was founded in 2000 by Dr. Frederic Durville to answer the specific needs of customers using optical fibers and lasers for a variety of applications such as laser beam delivery, optical sensing, optical diagnostic, spectroscopy and illumination as well as optical communications. We bring our experience and broad expertise in lasers, optics, mechanical engineering, thermal management and electronic engineering to help you solve your specific problems. We work closely with our customers to define the most appropriate solution in terms of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. Our objective is a lasting business relationship. Your satisfaction is our guarantee to success.

OFSI currently has a 1600 sq.ft of office space in beautiful New Hampshire including approximately 800 sq. ft. dedicated for manufacturing and a fully equipped lab space for the testing and characterization of lasers, fiberoptics and optical components. OFSI has the necessary equipment to assemble, polish and inspect optical fiber assemblies as well as assemble laser diode devices, including polishing machine, fiber fusion splicer, and a variety of custom-made fixtures and tools for the precise assembly, polishing and inspection of various optical fibers and laser diode assemblies. Several microscopes are available for the precise inspection and measurement of small parts. OFSI has various technical softwares including AutoCAD (drafting), OrCAD and QCad (electronic design), Code V and OSLO (optical design), and MathCAD (numerical modeling) for the design, analysis and modeling of various systems.

Optical Fiber Systems Inc is a registered government supplier.

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