Optical Fiber Systems Inc

Custom Solutions: solving your specific needs.

Pointing Beam Module

A manufacturer of laser marking systems wanted to add a bright visible aiming beam as an option in their fiber-laser based engraving system. In collaboration with them, we designed a module that combines a bright red pointing beam with the high power fiber laser beam. The module mounts between the fiber laser head and the scanning head, so it can easily be inserted during the final assembly of the system or even in the field. We also incorporated inside the same module a circuit to monitor the power of the fiber laser beam as an additional option. We first sketched a design concept that we submitted to our customer for approval. We built one prototype that we delivered to our customer for testing and validation, and transferred the complete design to our customer for their own internal manufacturing.


Blue Laser Diode Module

A few years ago, one of our customer asked us if we could couple into an optical fiber their Nichia laser diode array. We designed and built a custom fiber-coupling module along with a dedicated power supply and thermal management, and we integrated their Nichia laser array in our system. The custom system generated more than 10W cw out of a 600-micron fiber.

Bluie Laser Diode

Multi-wavelength system

A research group wanted to illuminate specimen from a certain distance with a certain spot size at 6 different wavelengths with more than 10mW at each wavelength. We first selected the appropriate available laser diodes and designed a complete turn-key system integrating the 6 different laser diodes in a small enclosure. We designed and build a module to couple all laser diodes into a single detachable 200-micron diameter fiber-optic cable. Each laser diode had its own control circuit so the intensity of each wavelength could be easily adjusted. We also designed and built a small hand-piece to project the beam to the desired spot size.

multi-wavelength system

Custom Optical Sensor Module

A company wanted to integrate an optical sensor in their system. In collaboration with them, we designed an integrated sensor module including a LED as the light source. The module includes the LED light source, an optical fiber system with integrated optics to deliver and capture the sensing light beam, and an electronic circuit to control the LED and simultaneously detect the returning light.

optical sensor

Custom Transmission Measurement

A customer wanted to measure transmission of liquid solutions simultaneously at different wavelengths simultaneously using LED’s as light sources. In collaboration with them, we designed and built a system using a specific fiber bundle to collect the light from the desired LED’s, and a cell holder with a customized lens system to optimize the transmission (collimated beam) and collection (focusing) of light through the cell and onto a detector. Several units were built for their lab.

cell holderfiber bundlefiber bundle

Fiberoptics Delivery System

Our customer needed a fiberoptics delivery system for their laser system with a projection optics to generate a specific illuminated spot with mostly uniform intensity. We selected the most appropriate fiberoptics cable, and we designed the hand-piece that would attach to it. We manufactured both assemblies and delivered them to our customer on a pre-defined schedule.


Experimental UV Laser System

A research group wanted to explore the combination of several UVA laser diodes into a single diffraction-limited beam. We devised a system to coherently combine the output of QTY=7 UVA laser diodes into a single diffraction-limited beam. The operation of each laser diode is independently controlled and capable of being modulated at frequency up to 20kHz. We designed the laser head incorporating the 7 laser diodes individually collimated along with a coherent beam combination mechanism. We also designed a power supply unit to control each laser individually. The combined output beam had a total power of 600mW in a diffraction-limited beam (M2<1.2)and a full beam divergence of 0.2mrad.
The system was delivered to the research group for their own internal experiments.

Experimental UV laser

OEM Laser System

A company needed a laser system to be integrated into their rack-mount cabinet. The system needed to be directly controlled from an industrial computer. We designed the system around some of our standard modules such as the fiber-coupled laser diode module, laser diode driver and cooling module. All components were enclosed in a rack-mount enclosure with a RS232 serial interface. Several units were built and delivered to our customer, which were then integrated into their own systems to perform clinical trials.

Laser Diode System

Custom Integrated Fiber Laser

For one of their research projects, our customer needed QTY=7 fiber lasers incorporated into a single system. The output of all 7 lasers needed to be mounted in a V-grooved array with collimating micro-lenses integrated into a specific optical output module. Following their specifications, we designed and build the complete system, including the optical output module.

Gen2 Fiber Laser System Collimated fiber array

Scientific Fiber Laser

A research group needed some customized fiber lasers to investigate some intrinsic dynamic laser processes. Following their specifications, we build one system with 2 paired fiber lasers with matching fiber length (+/- 1mm) and fast driving circuit (<100 usec).

scientific fiber laser laser pulse