Optical Fiber Systems Inc

Your source for fiberoptics assemblies.

Fiberoptics cables

fiberoptics cables
  • Bare fiber, re-inforced PVC, flexible Stainless Steel
  • UV to NIR, low power or high power
  • Single mode or Multi-mode, low-NA or high-NA
  • Choice of connectors: none (cleaved), SMA, FC, D-80
We provide standard fiberoptic cables of any length up to 10m, with any type of fiberoptic (SM single mode, MM multi-mode, PM polarization maintaining), with your choice of connector (SMA, FC, SC, D80-compatible), and with either standard 3mm PVC protective tubing, flexible stainless-steel armor, or 900-micron hytrel tubing.

Fiber bundles

pigtailed diode module
  • UVA to NIR
  • Single-branch or multi-branch
  • Choice of protection tubing
  • Choice of output fiber connectors

Fiber arrays

fiberoptic arrays
  • Low Power (mW) to High Power
  • Single Mode or Multi-Mode
  • UVA to NIR
  • Optional microlens attachment