Optical Fiber Systems Inc

Your partner to solve your specific problems.

We provide custom solutions for your specific needs from a simple feasibility study to concept design, prototype fabrication and testing, and full production. We will be happy to work with you through either consultation services or sub-contracts.

Our field of expertise started with lasers and fiberoptics, and has evolved to include all aspects of optomechatronics engineering (which includes optical, mechanical and electronics).
We have worked with many companies and laboratories from all over the world.

Custom Solutions

laser systems

Click on the image above or follow this link to see a few of the solutions we have provided to some of our customers.

Laser Engineering

We can design and build customized laser systems for your specific needs.
Starting with a set of requirements and desired parameters, we will design or select the laser source(s) that you need, and integrate it into a complete system with your desired interface and all necessary controls and safety features. We can combine multiple sources using a variety of techniques such as wavelength-combining or passive coherent beam combining.

Optical Engineering

We will design and build optical systems to suit your specific needs.
We use OSLO and Code V for ray-tracing analysis in combination with internally-developed software for diffraction and laser beam propagation analysis.
We will work with you to define a list of sepcific requirements, performance metrics, along with desired system attributes.

Mechanical Engineering

All assemblies are designed in AutoCAD using sound engineering techniques. All individual parts are designed with precise tolerancing to guarantee tight assembly and functionality. All materials are slected to provide the required mechanical, thermal or electrical properties.

Electronics Engineering

We design and build our own circuits to control the operation of our laser systems. The control features can include temperature control and computer interface. The cicuits can be optimized for any specific requirements including high efficiency.